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PALCI Distributed Print Archive (PDPA) (redirected from Distributed serials archive)

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PALCI distributed serials archive



Project description


PALCI is developing an archive of print serials for titles published by scholarly societies, which may be commonly available in electronic format but for which it is felt it may be helpful to continue to maintain holdings of print volumes, at least for the near future. When complete, this archive will be distributed among various PALCI insitutitutions. Volumes will be available for borrowing and research use among PALCI member institutions.


Work group members





  1. PALCI Distributed Storage TF Final Report.doc
  2. orbis mou.pdf Draft letter of agreement for distributed storage among OrbisCascade Alliance members
  3. Report on print journal archiving pilot program (from PALCI fall 2007 meeting)
  4. Spreadsheet for Distributed Print Journal Archive Project (from PALCI fall 2007 meeting)
  5. Distributed archive agreement (version as of May 28, 2008)
  6. Distributed archive agreement--as of 03-23-09.doc
  7. Backfile comparison among PALCI libraries-- as of August 11, 2008
  8. PennStateholdings08.xls
  9. PALCI Holdings on OCLC and Online Catalog-examples.doc
  10. RLG shared print policy review report.pdf






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